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The UK’s best independent breweries in a single customisable subscription.


The freshest and finest craft, in boxes specially curated for Brewser, by the breweries you choose.


With the Brewser community, share feedback with brewers and recommendations with friends.

0 trees planted so far
Good craft shouldn’t cost the earth. We’re proud to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects who plant a tree for each and every box you receive.

What people are saying

It's super exciting to be involved in a new and different subscription service. We love the idea of a full box from a single brewery, but with the flexibility to change the brewery each month, allowing customers to get a chance to sample a real range of styles being produced by some of the best UK breweries.

Brewser is a revolutionary platform that offers the consumer a totally new way to buy excellent beer. By mixing packs the consumer will ultimately get the best range possible from many breweries.

We're thrilled to be a partner of Brewser and look forward to connecting with more craft beer fans as a result. With such a great brewery line up there will be some tough decisions to make!

It's time for a different approach to buying beer and Brewser have found the way.

We love the unique, sustainable offering Brewser bring to the market and we can't wait to begin our journey together!

Inebriated Astronauts! It's got to be a focus for SpaceX.

We cannot wait for Brewser to get going! The flexibility of the subscription service alongside their sustainability ambitions will be a huge hit.

Brewser provides an accessible and fun way to delve ever deeper into the best of UK craft beer!

We like the link Brewser provides between customers and producers and their focus sustainable business practices.

We have always wanted to set up a Tartarus subscription box, and now Brewser has given us the opportunity. We are excited to work alongside other great breweries!

We are looking forward to expanding our reach through partnership with Brewser. Also the forethought Brewser have gone to to make the whole process as simple as possible for the breweries is amazing.

We love how Brewser puts you in control of your monthly subscription service - no filler, just the best breweries putting out the best beer possible.

We look forward to a new and exciting way of supplying existing fans of Almasty beer and welcoming new followers to the fray. The opportunity to work with a new team to welcome new beer drinkers to our Ale Exploration is an exciting opportunity.

We're really excited to work with Brewser; their sustainability objectives alongside their unique offering for customers make them a perfect fit for ABC.

The idea of leading a Brewery to Consumer service that is as capricious as it is good value sounds like a winner to me!

We love brewing a wide selection of different styles so the prospect of someone new picking up one of our boxes and being able to explore a that range from us is the perfect way to both introduce ourselves to new people and to keep long term customers up to date with what we have been working on.

We can't wait to be part of this well thought out, sustainable approach to beer subscriptions!

We love that this is a truly unique idea and a wonderful way to change up the beer subscription based service. Being able to choose specific breweries each month is a stroke of genius and we are so pleased to be a part of it.

It is great to have a subscription service that gives customers the option to try different brewers on a month to month basis, whilst also broadening their horizons through trying beers they might not normal choose.

We're just excited to work with a company that shares our passion for not destorying the planet!

Brewser looks like a really exciting platform to order a mixed case from your favourite breweries in one place, people should be able to ensure they get new releases from their favourite Breweries, which is a great idea. Also, they seem focused on sustainability, which is very important for us all moving forwards.

Being included in Brewser has created a chance for our beers to reach those who may not have known about us before, helping Mondo to expand further into the craft beer community. We also hope those who find Brewser through Mondo, discover some of the other incredible breweries involved.

Having the choice to select the best beers from the best breweries.

We cannot wait to bring our exciting new sour beer releases to you with Brewser.

It's really exciting to curate a selection of our beers to head off to new customers around the country, and hopefully we can bring a few new interesting beers your way.

Giving people access to great beer, direct from the source itself.

Brewser's ability to link so many different breweries through one subscription is so exciting.

We think Brewser is an interesting new take on beer subscriptions, and can't wait to get our beer out to a whole new range of beer drinkers.

We love the flexibility Brewser offers their customers in choosing boxes from some of the UK’s finest breweries. We’re delighted to be involved.

Being on the Brewser platform enables us to reach a large audience of beer drinkers that are looking to discover new breweries.

Working with Brewser to give customers a true representation of the beer we produce. Other subscription platforms price cap breweries, meaning our best work wouldn't make it to the customer. We control what we are putting in our Brewser box, meaning we can give customers the best experience of our beer as possible.

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