The People Behind: Pretty Decent Beer Co

Written by

Lewis R.

Nanna is the Creative Director at Pretty Decent Beer Co. She is behind the brand’s look and feel, and most importantly, the beer labels – no mean feat given the ‘interesting’ beer names she is tasked with bringing to life. We had a few questions for Nanna…

The beer names at PDBC can be quite tenuous. How do you go about bringing them to life?
I’ll start with a little solo brainstorm session in my sketchbook. I jot down references that come to mind and I’ll make a couple of doodles in the hope that something will emerge that will make sort of sense. If all fails, stick eyes on it!!

Where do you find your inspiration?
Definitely not from the briefs I get! It’s funny how anything can spark an idea. Like something I saw on the back of a bus, while stuck behind it on my bike. An elderly couple on a tandem that I pass every morning on my way to the brewery, will feature on an upcoming release. I’m also an avid collector – I’ve got more ceramic statues of cats and dogs than my other half is happy with. It all feeds into my work.

What beer label did you enjoy creating the most and why?
Ooh, difficult one!! I really enjoyed working on ‘Have You Heard The Live Version’. I got to draw some icons of the LA glam rock/hair metal scene: big hair, leopard prints, flying V guitars, Axl Rose in white cycling shorts. And it’s always a joy to work on two of our returning characters, an arsey penguin and a polar bear that holiday together and bicker.

We’ve heard a rumour that James (Co-founder) often tries to shoehorn faecal references into the beer names – do you ever struggle to create imagery?
Haha no I don’t! In recent months we’ve had a shiny turd, a Stonehenge made from portaloos and – in dedication of our pink toilet block – a toilet brush, a bottle of Duck and e-coli taking selfies. So, from a creative perspective I’d never say no to a faecal reference, but we do have to keep in mind that we are trying to sell a tasty beverage!

How would you describe Pretty Decent’s personality?
Fun, friendly, self-deprecating, ill thought out! Walking to the beat of their own drum.

Other than Pretty Decent, what’s a beer brand that you love for its design?
Ooh so many to choose from, there is lots of amazing stuff around! Baron uses great illustrations. I love how they vary in style but their cans still have a very coherent and recognisable look. Gotta love a bit of white space!

If you’d like to see Nanna’s work in the flesh, and try the epic beers that Pretty Decent produce – head over to their profile and explore their huge 12-can showcase!