The People Behind: Track Brewing Co.

Written by

Olly M.

Track Founder, Sam, returned home from 2 years cycling tens of thousands of miles around the world with an idea. Having gathered first-hand experience of beer and its communities from around the world, he set out to bring it all together back home in the UK.

2014 saw the establishment of Track Brewing Co. in a railway arch tucked away in central Manchester. The goal? Brew beers that take people on a journey. Over time the team experimented, tinkered and consistently produced beer that did just that.

In 2020, Track up-sized and moved into their current home, meaning a bigger kit and the opportunity to develop a bespoke taproom. Combining visions from Track’s in-houe designer, Amy Haselden, On The Brink Studios, and MikeSian Studio – the immense taproom was born.

Now one of the most-loved breweries in the UK, and the producer of multiple award winning contemporary beers, Track is a pillar of Manchester’s and the UK’s craft beer scene. Enjoy their exclusive brewser showcase and pales/IPAs boxes, and journey through their freshest brews!

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